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Happy 1st Birthday Kyla! - Westminster, MD Portrait Photography

This little girl couldn't be any more adorable. She is so darn cute, even when she doesn't want to smile!

The smash cake was her first time actually tasting cake ... or shall I say "her first chance to taste cake" ... because she refused to taste it. Even when her dad put a little on her lip. She did not try to lick it off.

We tried feeding her a little with a spoon. Nope. Let her have the spoon. Nope. She had not problem rubbing it all over her but would not even give it a lick. That was until we decided to give up on the cake and get the bath ready. While cleaning up we looked away for a second and when we turned back she was standing there, sucking the icing off her hands. Little stinker :)

Her favorite part was most definitely the warm bubble bath. Who can blame her?

Happy Birthday Kyla, you will conquer the world! XOXO

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