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Best of 2022 - A year in review

Let me start off by saying that it's been an absolutely crazy year with many changes! For one.. my oldest son graduated from High School and started college, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. But if that wasn't already nerve wrecking enough.. you know... your first kid going off to college... naaaahhhh ... in my world it has to be a step above. So my kid (the one that's never sick and has been in the hospital only once.. on his 1st birthday) happens to tear his medial meniscus. The only type of tear that requires surgery without a chance of getting fixed any other way. His surgery was exactly 1 week before his college move in day. Now I was allowed to be ridiculously worried about leaving him at his college dorm, right? But he did just fine. No, more than that... he did AMAZING. And he was discharged from PT just in time for his winter break.

Next big life event was me starting a full time job as a Chiropractic Assistant. I love it but it's definitely a big adjustment to how I work around every day activities, such as grocery shopping and cleaning... and more so... how to still get my photos edited and teach at least some of my fitness classes.

The hardest part was when I realized that I had to stop teaching at the senior center because I was just too strapped on time. I am still struggling with the thought that I won't have my "Goldies" as part of my regular week anymore.

With all of this happening I really haven't had any time to stay up to date on my Photography Blog, however, I HAVE been working with clients all year still. Things have slowed down a lot since Covid. This is mostly my fault because I haven't had the time or energy to really get out there again and rebuilt my business. Because of that, the photos in this post may be fewer than they have been in previous years. BUT ... my Santa sessions this year had the biggest turnout yet! We were so busy and got to meet so many kids. I am so thankful for the great turnout on these.

Since we are on the subject of my Photos with Santa sessions, I wanted to give everyone a heads up. Starting next year, I have to raise the session fee for my Photos with Santa significantly. The amount of money I spend on props and gifts for the children, Santa and my time spent editing... I have been losing money. I tried to stay super cheap for these but sadly I have to adjust to this crazy economy.

But back to happier topics, and the point of this post. 2022 in review. A look at some Behind the Scenes, which, as per usual, is dominated by some of the funniest moments with Santa. Hehe.

I hope you enjoy...

Hope about some before (the mommy and me session) and after ... I have to admit that looking at the pictures now, it doesn't even look as crazy as it really was, hehe

There always has to be at least one dad that gets peed or pooped on ;)

When mom needs a touch up..

When... well... I don't even know...

Who says only people can be camera shy...?

A child that's so excited that you can get a perfect view of the uvula .... it doesn't get better than that!

But even without a Uvula close up... this kid of excitement is as real as it gets!

When the baby has been screaming - a lot - and finally falls asleep = Happy Dad

This is what it's really like, trying to photograph a toddler. hahahahaha

And now on to the Santa take outs....

Yeah Santa, you go and chat with my baby brother. You can keep him for all I care. Byeeeeee

She clearly was VERY upset and NOT faking it AT ALL!


I am pretty sure little bro is not in agreement with whatever big bro is telling Santa.

Or these two that started an argument on Santa's lap. Bahahahahahaha

Then we have this little sister that's most definitely VERY comfortable on Santa's lap.

And this one too. Cracks me up every time I look at it...

Apparently Santa gives amazing butt scratches. This pup fell asleep standing up a couple of minutes later. And she is usually ALWAYS hyper

This kid made everyone laugh. Including Santa.

And so did this little Grinch

And to finish up, here are a couple of my favorites... just a few images that my my heart smile..

And with this we have come to the end of my official end of the year Blog post. Remember, even if I am quiet on my Blog and Social Media, I am still taking sessions and can't wait to see you all next year. Which is tomorrow. Tomorrow is next year. Mind blown.

I wish you all a wonderful start to the New Year. May 2023 bring you many great moments to cherish.

Love you all!



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